Meet the Waupun Historical Society Team

The Waupun Historical Society is overseen by a seven-member board of directors, responsible for ensuring the fiduciary stability of the organization.  The Board has two standing committees: Internal and External.  The Internal Committee oversees all aspects of museum operations.  The External Committee is tasked with event planning, membership, and community outreach.  The Heritage Museum operates under the leadership of an executive director who reports to the Board. 

The 2022 Board of Directors

Roughly one third of the board is up for election every year.  Once elections are held in January, the new board elects a president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer for the year.  For more information on our Board of Directors, see our ‚ÄčBylaws.

President Zac Dickhut

Serves on the Internal Committee

Zac has been volunteering with us for nine years, was elected president in 2021 after serving a year as the archivist.  He previously served as Board secretary.  In addition to his work with the Society, Zac serves on the Waupun Police & Fire Commission and works as the Executive Director for the Waupun Area Chamber of Commerce.  He is currently working on a Masters Degree in Public History and Museum Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Serving until January, 2024

Vice President Dylan Weber

Serves on the External Committee

Dylan has been affiliated with us for several years now, and is active all over Waupun!  Dylan is a business-owner, former School Board member, former Chamber Board member, Fine Arts board, and has served on a number of committees for the City, as well.  He previously served as Society treasurer.

Serving until January, 2025

Secretary Tracie Nichols

Chair of the External Committee

Tracie is in her 6th year volunteering for the Society and her 3rd term as secretary. Tracie delights in researching and presenting interesting topics related to Waupun's history. Please feel free to contact her to set up a presentation for your school or group interest!

Serving until January, 2023

Treasurer Laurie Vant Hoff

Serves on the External Committee

Laurie became the treasurer for us in January of 2020. She has experience with bookkeeping for a few other non-profits, and enjoys helping these organizations with their record-keeping. Laurie loves her 95-year-old Waupun home and has researched the history of it and its past residents (the first owner lost the house after he was convicted of embezzling from the bank!)

Serving until January, 2024

Director Steve Biever

Serves on the Internal Committee

Steve's in his 6th year of volunteering with us, and was just elected to a 3-year term as a director. Steve enjoys collecting and researching information on Waupun's business history. He most recently compiled a history of Waupun's service stations throughout the 20th century.

Serving until January, 2024

Director Rick Vant Hoff

Serves on the External Committee

Rick is a newcomer to the Society, and was appointed to serve a 2-year vacancy on our board! In addition to his work with the Society, Rick also volunteers with Marsh Haven Nature Center, the DNR, serves on the Church Health Services Board of Directors, as well as the SSM Long-term Care Board.

Serving until January, 2025

Director Chris Nord

Serves on the Internal Committee

Chris Nord is in his second year of serving as one of our directors! Having been involved with us for over a decade, he enjoys working on the musical instruments in our collection, as well as maintenance and restoration of our artifacts. He worked quite a bit on our transformation this past year. Chris also provides music for the Episcopal Church across the street!

Serving until January, 2023

Executive Director Kyle Clark

Chair of the Internal Committee

Kyle Clark has served as our executive director since late 2019.  He led the major effort to clean and reorganize the historic Heritage Museum, and now oversees the archiving and cataloging processes for the Society.  Prior to his involvement, Kyle served as Waupun's mayor, city administrator, and clerk-treasurer.  He enjoys golfing and traveling around Wisconsin with his wife.

Past Presidents

The Waupun Historical Society was established in 1956 out of an interest in Waupun's history and a concern for its preservation.  The following individuals have presided over the organization over 65 years in existence.  Although we have minutes and newspaper articles going back decades, our record of who served and at what time is incomplete.

Edith Moul Scott | 1956-1963

Eugene Westra | 1964-1966

Harriet Ribbens | 1966

Irvin Fletcher | 1967-1969

James C. Laird | 1970-1972

Lena Luck & Charlene Volker (Co-Presidents) 1973

Blanche Prusack | 1974-1975

Cleone Brown | 1976-1979

Leona Nagler | 1980-1994

Leona Nagler & Eugene Buchholz (Co-Presidents) | 1995

Eugene Buchholz | 1996-2002

James C. Laird | 2003-2016

Jay D. Graff | 2017-2019

Rick Fletcher | 2020

Zac Dickhut | 2021-Present